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Posted on by Kevin Sigmundson

In an increasingly digital world, how development teams work together is changing. Remote development team members, once reserved for highly specialized skills or the domain of large offshore development centers, are becoming an important strategy in many development teams. Teams are realizing that it’s more important to have the right person than the “right here” person. There is evidence that, far from being a liability, leveraging remote work delivers benefits that go beyond recruiting. Remote workers experience less stress by …

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Posted on by Noel Lopez

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of an intelligent effort.” – John Ruskin Hope is not testing Oftentimes, when people think about testing, it goes something like this: “If this system has any issues we don’t know about, it’s OK because our Testers will find them when they do their testing.” The thing is, if there is no quality from the start, what is the point of testing? To set things straight, “testing” is one of …

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Posted on by Axel Buerkle

A recent report by OpenSignal revealed that there are 18,796 distinct Android devices in use. This data was gathered directly from users who installed the company’s app. Even though device fragmentation is not a new phenomenon in the Android world, the sheer number of devices is impressive (up from 11,868 devices counted last year). OpenSignal’s data might not reveal the full picture, but it is fairly representative of the Android ecosystem and clearly illustrates what mobile application developers have to …

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Posted on by Steve Levinson

This blog post is a culmination of dozens – no, hundreds – of discussions with clients, partners, and above all else, my awesome colleagues about the magic behind successful consulting. While some of these topics apply primarily to the art of security consulting, many of them transcend industry boundaries and apply to life in general. They are not presented in any particular order as some musings will resonate differently with each reader. There’s no sheet music. The beauty of the …

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Posted on by Jackie Patterson

On a recent project interview with a client of Online’s, I was asked about knowledge management. I had to admit that I knew nothing. The first thing I did after the interview was look it up. I am now writing this for others, so they too can be enlightened on the subject of knowledge management. Knowledge management, when in action, is about capturing, organizing, sharing, and creating knowledge. It can be part of a business, HR, or IT strategy in …

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Posted on by Maartje Kasdorp

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you found out that your credit card had been compromised – or your identity had been stolen? Count yourself lucky if you have not experienced this as data breaches and malicious attacks to the applications that we use are no longer an exception as we see in the news almost every day. If you need a bit more convincing about how much the security threats have become a reality in our world, …

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Posted on by Ian Gibbs

Interaction Design is one of the many facets of User Experience Design. The Encyclopedia of Interaction Design defines it as “shaping digital things for people’s use.” It’s a complex and wide ranging field that covers nearly all aspects of cognition, emotion, and behavior. It’s about designing for the entire interconnected system: the device, the interface, the context, the environment, and the people. According to the Interaction Design Association, Interaction Design “defines the structure and behavior of interactive systems.” Interaction designers …

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Posted on by Jerry Holcombe

To the casual observer, when I’m training for triathlons, it may look like I’m just hard at play. However, that is when I do a lot of my deepest thinking and churning of thoughts. (What else are you gonna do with an hour staring at the bottom of a pool?!) One of my streams of thoughts was around some of the training activities I needed to do to prepare for my big triathlon this summer, and that many of the …

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Posted on by Ben Lucas

In my last post, I showed how you could use mocking frameworks and dependency injection to create unit tests for methods that query a database using Entity Framework. In this post, I will show how you can use the same techniques to test data access code that will insert, update or delete a record from the database. For the purposes of demonstrating this, we will continue to use the Exchange Rate example that has been used previously and implement code …

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